Resturant Review: Webbes Fish Cafe

Rye’s Fish Resturant

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True or false.

Most fish have taste buds all over their bodies?

Fish scales are used in lipstick.

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 If a fish smells of fish, it is not fresh.



Webbes Fish Cafe 

I always have a feeling of well being when I know I’m going to dine at Webbes Fish Cafe in Cinque Port Street. Fish, after all, is good for you. Good for you health, good for your figure and good for your brain. Omigas are my amigos. And, with the right choice of side dishes you could also tick off your ‘five-a-day’ and live until you are 120 years old.

But be warned, good intentions can quickly unravel once inside Webbes trendy interior. Well, at least mine do.

Once seated by the charming member of staff (good waiting staff can make a meal as well as any chef) I’m afraid I just can’t resist a bottle of Curious Brew IPA while I peruse the menu. Perhaps I should also resist gorging on the gorgeous warm home-made bread plunged into the fruity olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

But hang-on, isn’t that the basis of the ‘Mediterranean diet’?  Good enough reason, I reason, to drive home this diet with a bottle of healthy Mediterrean wine.  My Wild Sea Bass with crispy kale and potted shrimp sauce is crying out for Chablis Domaine des Malandes. I can feel the sunshine coursing through my veins!

But let’s go back to my go-to starter at Webbes which is the sea-food platter. A wooden board laid out with a roll-mop (pickled herring), crab, shell-on prawns, mackerel pate and pan-fried deviled sprays with an aioli dip. But in reality all the starters are imaginative and delicious,why not try a bowl of welks.

If you can get to pudding you’ll get your just desserts (see what I did there?) Irresistible panacottas, fruit sorbets in a brandy snap basket or iced white ruby and dark chocolate parfait

I rarely get to the last course, I’m sure it’s because I always have had one olive too many early in the meal. Maybe next time I should start with the desserts and finish with a starter. It’s a thought.


Answer, true

and true…now give us a kiss!

Want to find out more?

The resturant is a short walk from the Rye Red Cottage. (About 5 minutes)


Call: 01797 222226

Webbe’s at The Fish Cafe,
17 Tower St,
East Sussex,
TN31 7AT